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Equine Somatopsychology

What is Equine Somatopsychology?

  • Somatopsychology is the branch of medicine, that tries to put together all aspects of health. It balances on boundaries of health and disease, therapy and prevention, causes and consequences.
  • It examines the living and training conditions of the horse, his psychic, constitution and genetic in close relation.
  • Horses are silent victims, and initial and sometimes even advanced stages of diseases has no other symptoms than slight changes in horse behaving, dificulties in training, misbehaving.
  • It's our responsibility to find the cause instead of increasing pressure or worse: punishing the horse.
  • The most common underlying cause of horses problems is the fear. It's not unknown that fear causes stress and stiffness which leads to pain, structural damages and internal diseases.
  • Relaxed contact, trust, joy and loving approach are the best prevention of fear. Another causes might be: misunderstanding, primary disease, pain, living condition, etc.

How to recognise that your horse needs somatopsychologist?

  • nervous horses
  • angry horses
  • horses which have difficulties to foccus
  • which learn slowly
  • lazy horses
  • stiff horses
  • freaiking out horses
  • head-shakers
  • uneven horses
  • bucking horses
  • any recent change of behaving
  • ...


Otevírání dveří do jezdcovy duše
Drezura se svědomím

Naše svědomí nás dokáže dovést k jezdecké harmonii, jakoby dávno samo znalo cestu.

Otevírání dveří do jezdcovi duše - Drezura se svědomím

Opening doors into the horses soul

Věřím, že každý kůň, dostane-li k tomu příležitost, je více než ochotný spolupracovat. Proč se nám občas zdá, že opak je pravdou?

Otevírání dveří do koňské duše - Somatopsychologie koní