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Dressage with conscience

Transformative communication helps us to break threw the old thinking patterns and get us beyond our sense experiences. Beyond the boundraries of mind, one can find unrecognisable - transcendental - riding, the true riding art, harmony which can not be understood by mind, can not be described by intellect, can not be passed from one to another. In master pieces, there is writen about such a harmony and by reading them, one can not comprehend it. Our mind creates pictures, according to well learned phrases how such a harmony should look like, and these pictures are nothing but a shade of the real experience.

The secret of riding art is within everyone of us. Often thought it is covered by the layer of doubts, bias and ideas that we created or that we were told by others.

The longer I'm interested in horse somatopsychology the stronger I'm developing an opinion that the true remedy for horse's afflictions is hidden under the layers of assumptions, boundrais that we built, under the desire to own the horse, to dominate him. The remedy for horses afflictions is hidden in our conscience.

Dressage with conscience opens up new possibilities of riders training. - Transformative communication can bring one beyond the limits of mundane conceptions, can help him to discover that the wisdom how to train the horse is already there. Just to uncover it...

Everybody is unique, individual being and it would be foolish to think that one (or many) ingrained concept will serve well to everyone of us. It would be as foolish as to think that everybody would fit well in one size of pants. I do believe that as same as everyone is expert to choose the right size of his own pants, similarly everyone of us is expert to choose how to act -at every single moment- in the way that he will create space for healthy growth and self-developement of both participants.

During lessons from transformative communication you'll get a chance to connect with the inner potential to solve situations calmly, confidently and with grace. In a way you always wanted and may you were told it wasn't possible... Human potential is enormous if we give it a space to fully develop.

If we aren't satisfied with mediocrity, if we want to give horses back at least a part of what we owe them for ten thousands years of their humble service under our guidence, we need to work on ourselves. Beside learning the riding technique and developing physical fitness, as well - and more importantly - we need to know how to react, how to read our emotions, how to work with our intuition and how to be in the true dialog with the horse.

Lessons from transformative communication are in most cases without a horse, via Skype, phone or in-person meeting. Lessons includes opportunity of free correspondence, sending videos, etc..

As it might seem obvious, transformative communication includes two main parts: communication - communication tools that helps us create trust and that enables a deep introspection which is the base for transformation. It is a chance to change the lens threw which we look at the world, change our consciousness, clear our subconsciousness, be able to communicate with the horse from the platform of intuition, mutual respect and trust.


Otevírání dveří do jezdcovy duše
Drezura se svědomím

Naše svědomí nás dokáže dovést k jezdecké harmonii, jakoby dávno samo znalo cestu.

Otevírání dveří do jezdcovi duše - Drezura se svědomím

Opening doors into the horses soul

Věřím, že každý kůň, dostane-li k tomu příležitost, je více než ochotný spolupracovat. Proč se nám občas zdá, že opak je pravdou?

Otevírání dveří do koňské duše - Somatopsychologie koní